10 Gallup Day Trips

buildings at Acoma Sky City
Based on artifacts and archaeological evidence, Acoma Sky City has been continuously inhabited for almost 1000 years.

Acoma Sky City – 87.7 miles SE of Gallup

formations at the Bisti Badlands
The Bisti landscape could be used as a backdrop for sci-fi movies with no set design required.

Bisti Badlands/DeNaZin Wilderness – 105 miles NE of Gallup

Bluewater Lake – 47.5 miles SE of Gallup

Canyon de Chelly National Monument - 93 miles NW of Gallup

Pueblo Bonito at Chaco Canyon
Pueblo Bonito is the largest and best-known great house in Chaco Canyon, in use from 828-1126 A.D.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park – 91.7 miles NE of Gallup

A person stands on the edge of a sandstone cliff overlooking El Malpais National Monument
The lava flows of El Malpais National Monument from the sandstone cliffs on NM Hwy 117.

El Malpais National Monument - 74 miles SE of Gallup

Entry sign for El Morro National Monument on a cloudy day
El Morro, an oasis in western New Mexico, with extensive inscriptions around the pool and abandoned Zuni pueblos on top of the mesa.

El Morro National Monument – 55 miles SE of Gallup

Historic Hubbell Trading Post: 55 miles NW of Gallup

Shiprock towers in the background of the desert
The neck of an ancient volcano towering over the surrounding plans of NW New Mexico. It formed 3000 feet beneath the earth's surface, gradually revealed after millions of years of erosion.

Shiprock - 93 miles NW of Gallup

Cliffs at Zuni Pueblo
The Zuni evacuated women, the elderly and children before Coronado arrived in 1540. The 14 structures used as a refuge from the Spaniards between 1540 and 1680 were called Heshoda Ayahltona ("ancient buildings above").

Zuni Pueblo – 38 miles SW of Gallup

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